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Diafani is a charming, mid-size coastal settlement in Karpathos located in the northeast side of the island. The village is a popular destination for boat cruises which depart from Pigadia, because some excursions to Olymbos go through.

In Karpathos Diafani can be find on maps as Diafanion or Διαφάνι in Greek, and it is a beautifully situated settlement with picturesque natural scenery, where visitors can find many pretty colorful houses with unique decorations. The village is a lovely coastal resort in Karpathos island with a traditional character, which offers relaxing atmospheres to its visitors. Several houses of Diafani are overlooking to the endless Aegean Sea, and most of the buildings were amphiteatrically built on the surrounding hills.

Karpathos Diafani

Diafani is located from Pigadia (Karpathos town) about 50 kilometers away, so due of the large distances most of the tourists arrive here by boat excursions from the capital, or by rented car. The population is 228 (census 2011), so it is not abandoned completely in the months of autumn and winter.

Diafani Karpathos island

What to see in Diafani, sights and attractions

Most of the best sights in Diafani village are situated near the beach. The seaside promenade is the most picturesque part, where interesting sculptures and statues were made. Don’t miss to find the famous fountain, which is decorated with dolphins and mosaics, and the statue of a Karpathian woman!

What to see in Diafani, best sights and attractions

These small statues are nice sights of Diafani village in Karpathos, and a lot of photos are taken here. The views are also great from this place.

What to see in Diafani, sights and attractions, dolphin statue in Karpathos island

Next to Diafani’s promenade you can find some coffee bars and traditional taverns, or if you are not hungry of thirsty, just sit down on a bench in the shade of tamarisk trees. The charm of this small promenade and the traditional village attract hundreds of visitors every year. In this village visitors can’t find large hotels, dozens of souvenir shops or significant nightlife, the friendly coffee bars and the small restaurants are pretty enough.

Diafani promenade and beach (Paralia)

In the center of Diafani, just a minute walk from the promenade you can visit is a largest church of the village, called Zoodochos Pigi or ‘Ζωοδοχος Πηγη, Εκκλησια Διαφανιου in Greek. The church has beautiful frescoes, which are worth to see if the church is open.

Diafani church

In the area of Diafani you can see some stone walled terraces carved into the hillsides for the cultivation of vegetables, olive trees, lemons, apricotes, fig trees, and many more plants. On the hills there are some old windmills also, but most of them are in ruined condition.

Diafani promenade

Who stay in this small town they can participate in söme boat trips and excursions, which sail to some hidden beaches of the north and to Saria island. You can find also some tour guides to explore the area, who can introduce to you the hiking trails and hidden gems of the area.

Diafani beach info

If you are looking for Diafani beach, just walk to the center of the village, directly in front of the promenade. The local beach offers grey pebbles, shallow sea and of course some parasols and sunbeds to its visitors. On a hot day just step into the refreshing sea, and go to swim! On the maps you can find usually Diafani beach as Paralia Diafani, or Παραλία Διαφανή in Greek.

Diafani beach

Near Diafani there are some secluded bays in the area also, like as Kampi beach (Παραλία Καμπί) or Vananta beach (known as also Vananda, Paralia Vananta or Παραλία Βαναντα in Greek.

Vananta beach is a tiny bay which is situated on the north side of the village, about a half hour walk away from this village, a narrow dirt road leads there. Usually it is an unharmed beach with just a few visitors and a small church of Agia Anargyri on the hills above.

The other place, Kampi beach is a small bay with grey pebbles in the south, which can be reached on foot from Diafani, and it’s totally unorganized. If you walk further from Kampi beach about 3 kilometers away, an another secluded beach can find which is known as Apokapos (Papa Mina) beach or Παραλία Απόκαπος (Παπά Μηνά) in Greek.

The area of the village and the north region

The north part of Karpathos island is a unique place, because this land is less visited by tourists, and there are just a few villages. The nearest significant town is Olymbos (Olympos), which is one of the most famous and traditional villages in Karpathos island and all over Greece. In the ancient times Diafani was mentioned often as the primary port of Olymbos, and the port is still important: this is the second largest port in Karpathos island, where ferries also arrive.

Other village in the region is called Avlona, a small agricultural settlement. The road between Olymbos and Diafani is quite good and asphalted, so if you plan to discover this area by car from Pigadia, Amoopi, Arkasa or other villages of Karpathos island, you can do it. The lower roads are mostly dirt roads, recommended for off road vehicles.

It is worth to visit Diafani in Karpathos island?

Diafani has a charming promenade with unique statues and nice views to the beach. It is situated near the famous Olymbos, so after visiting and discovering the traditional town, you can also visit this village. This region has relaxing atmospheres and can be accessed by car or by boat excursions.

Diafani sights, attractions, taversn and bars

Where to stay

The village of Diafani has some accommodations for visitors of Karpathos, just take a look below if you would like to stay here.

Hotel Glaros **

Hotel Glaros Diafani

Standard & superior rooms
Up to 2-4 persons

Nikos Hotel **

Nikos Hotel Diafani

Budget rooms & studios
Up to 2-3 guests

Balaskas Hotel **

Diafani Balaskas Hotel

Economy & standard studios
Rooms for 2-3 guests

Villa Diafani Anna

Villa Diafani Anna

Apartment with sea view
Up to 4 persons

For more accommodation options all over Karpathos island just take a look here.

Diafani additional info

  • Known as: Diafanion, Διαφάνι in Greek
  • Location: 49 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.755321, 27.210124
  • Can be accessed: by car, by boat from Pigadia, by ferry, by bus
Where to stay in Diafani apartments hotels studios

Enjoy the pleasant atmospheres of this nice village!

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