Karpathos Paralia Agia Irini beach

Agia Irini beach

Agia Irini is a large, but very secluded bay near Mesochori village, located on the west coastline of Karpathos island.

Agia Irini (Paralia Agia Irini, or Παραλία Αγιά Ειρήνη in Greek) is special among Karpathos island beaches, because it can be reached only by boat or sea kayak due to geographical conditions. It can be seen while you drive between Spoa and Lefkos villages, and of course from Mesochori as well.

Paralia Agia Irini beach in Karpathos

This beach is characterized by grey pebbles and coarse sand, and the sea is usually wavy. Behind Agia Irini beach you can see the steep greey cliffs, where the highest peak is 213 meters high. This beach is one of the most abandoned beaches in Karpathos, which is never crowded.

Agia Irini beach Karpathos

Agia Irini beach (Paralia Agia Irini, Παραλία Αγιά Ειρήνη) is best known about the small church of Agia Irini (Ekklisia Agia Irini, Εκκλησία Αγιά Ειρήνη), which was built of stones, in the shade of the mountains. This tiny church has whitewashed walls and a very small interior with incense, painted icons and a few religious artifacts.

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