Port of Kato Lefkos Karpathos sights

Lefkos port

The port of Kato Lefkos is a picturesque, but very tiny place for boats in Karpathos, located in the central bay of the fishing village. It’s just a pier, but if you like charming views, it’s worth a short walk to Lefkos port when you spend your time at this place.

Lefkos port, Karpathos island

Location and access of Kato Lefkos port

The access of Lefkos port is very easy when you are in the village, because it is situated directly next to Lefkos beach (Παραλία Λευκός), on its west side. You can walk to the port from the direction of beach, or from the taverns and bars which are waiting for the guests behind the port.

Port of Kato Lefkos in Karpathos

The port of Lefkos looks like just a small pier rather than a port, because it was built for small fishing boats, not for ferries or yachts. You can see sometimes the colourful fishing nets on the pier, which make traditional atmospheres of a fishing village for Kato Lefkos.

Karpathos Kato Lefkos port

It’s worth to know that Kato Lefkos was the port of Lefkos in Karpathos, because the houses of the old village were built further away, about 3 kilometeres away from here. The picturesque location with the magical bays of Kato Lefkos make it ideal for summer holidays for families, and in the last decades the area of Kato Lefkos developed much more.

Kato Lefkos sights and attractions with the port

Kato Lefkos port is protected well from the waves by a natural breakwater, which is responsible also for the calm waters of Lefkos beach in Karpathos. This small peninsula is formed by large rocks, and can be discover foot, but if you climb these sharp rocks always wear shoes.

Lefkos port

Behind the port there are some restaurants of Kato Lefkos: Captain’s Home, Meltemi restaurant, Lyra & Friends taverna, and Ammos Restaurant.

Just a few steps away from the port you can find the sandy beach of Lefkos, which is one of the best beach for families for its shallow and calm waters, and deserves child friendly badge.

Lefkos port

Boat excursions and daily boat trips are not common in Kato Lefkos, because the west side of Karpathos island is usually not so calm as the east coast, and the other beaches of the area are much less good than the local beaches of Lefkos. In the area you can visit four great beaches, which are situated within 2 kilometers: the main beach of Lefkos (Lefkos beach), the west beach, Frangolimiona beach (Παραλία Φραγκολιμιώνα) in the north, and Potali beach about 1,5 kilometers away from the center of the village, in south direction.

Kato Lefkos port with boats

This beautiful part of Karpathos island offer apartments, small hotels and studios for visitors, just click here to see the accommodations of Kato Lefkos, of course with photos and with travellers reviews.

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