The north bay of Kato Lefkos village is known as Frangolimiona beach (Frangolimnionas or Παραλία Φραγκολιμιώνα in Greek), which is a well organized place with grey sand and with some waves.

The access of Frangolimiona beach is easy in Kato Lefkos, because it is located on the north side of the village, near the parking lots ,and from the central areas it can be reached within a few minutes walk.

Frangolimiona beach Lefkos Karpathos

Frangolimiona beach guide with photos

Frangolimiona beach (Παραλία Φραγκολιμιώνα) is the largest and longest beach is Kato Lefkos with its length of 400 meters. The beach lasts from the west beach of Lefkos to the north sandstone cliffs, these are separeted from each other by a small peninsula.

Frangolimiona beach Karpathos, a wave beach of Lefkos

This beach is well organized during summer periods in Kato Lefkos with parasols, sunbeds, beach bars and restaurants, but it is less built as behind the sandy Lefkos main beach. Due to its size it’s not overcrowded during summer months, everyone fits comfortably in this place.

Kato Lefkos Frangolimiona beach

Frangolimiona beach is known as the wave beach in Lefkos, because while the other two beaches are less wavy, usually this offer waves for its visitors. If you are looking for some adventure, just a take a walk to Frangolimiona and if you get some luck, you there is a chance to experience the atmospheres of a wave pool.

Wave beach in Lefkos Karpathos

The seabed of Frangolimiona beach is primarily covered by sand, coarse sand and by some pebbles and flat rocks at some places. It deepens average, due to the sea currents it is not so shallow as the other beaches in Kato Lefkos, where the central beach of Lefkos is similar slightly to a lagoon.

Frangolimiona beach in Lefkos, Karpathos sandy beaches

The beachfront of Frangolimiona faces to the west, so if the winds blow from that direction, it can be windy.

Frangolimionas beach (Lefkos north bay)

Near the beach there is a small islet, Sokastro, which is best known from its rocky bays and some Byzantian ruins. Sokastro can be reached only by boat, because it is situated 70 meters away from the coast of Karpathos.

Frangolimionas beach guide in Kato Lefkos

Where to stay in Kato Lefkos, Karpathos

Kato Lefkos is a lovely seaside resort in Karpathos island, with calm atmospheres and great beaches. The village offer studios, small hotels and apartments for guests, who would like to spend their holiday in a small, but very picturesque fishing village. Click here for photos and reviews of the apartments, studios and hotels in Lefkos, and find your favourite place. (don’t worry, links open in new window).

If you are looking for an accommodation which is near Frangolimiona beach, check these apartments and studios below.

Blue and White Studios and Apartments

Kato Lefkos Blue and White studios

Studios and apartments near the beach
Up to 2-4 guests

Aegean Sea

Aegean Sea Studios

Studios near the beach
For 2 guests

Aeegan View Studios

Aegean View Studios in Kato Lefkos Karpathos

Studios for 2-3 guests

Nefeli Apartments

Nefeli Apartments in Kato Lefkos

Apartments with sea view
Up to 2-4 guests

Zorbas Studios

Zorbas Studios in Kato Lefkos

Studio and apartment
Up to 2-4 guests

En Lefko Villa

Karpathos En Lefko Villa in Lefkos

One bedroom villa for 2 guests

Frangolimionas beach, Karpathos best beaches with waves

Frangolimiona beach (Wave beach of Lefkos) additional info

  • Also known as: Frangolimionas beach, Frangolimnionas, Paralia Frangolimiona, Παραλία Φραγκολιμιώνα
  • Coordinates: 35.589271, 27.068950
  • Location: Kato Lefkos, 34 kilometers from Pigadia (Karpathos town)
  • Karpathos 857 00, Greece
  • Sea water color: green, blue
  • Sand type: sand, coarse sand, pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: usually wavy
  • Crowds: normal
  • Facilities: parasols and sunbeds for rent, coffee bars, parking lot
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: by car, by local bus transport
  • Wind conditions: average
Frangolimionas beach in Kato Lefkos, Karpathos (Wave beach in Lefkos)
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