Kato Lakkos beach Karpathos

Kato Lakkos beach

On the east coast of Karpathos Kato Lakkos beach is one of best hidden gems, which offers beautiful natural enviroment, and calm atmospheres far from the crowds. Kato Lakkos (Paralia Kato Lako) is not as popular as other famous beaches in Karpathos, but as you will see, why this is one of the best place for beach fans.

Kato Lakkos beach Karpathos

Where to find Kato Lakkos beach and how to access in Karpathos

Kato Lakkos beach is located about 15 kilometers away from Pigadia and can be find on the east coast of Karpathos island, but its access is a little bit special. There are two options to reach Kato Lakkos beach, but these offer totally different experiences for visitors. The fastest and easiest way to visit Kato Lakkos is to catch an excursion boat in the port of Pigadia.

Kato Lakkos beach Karpathos

The other way is much harder and offer much more adventures, because Kato Lakkos beach can be reached only on dirt road, where get ready for a hike. This route leads to Kato Lakkos from the tiny settlement Katodio (Κατώδιο), which is one of the smallest villages in Karpathos, situated in the area of Kyra Panagia village.

Kato Lakkos beach by boat

If you decide to sail by boat to Kato Lakkos beach for its comfort and simplicity, just take a look to the actual schedules of the excursion boats, which run from the port of Pigadia, or ask it in a local tourist office. The boats which visit Kato Lakkos beach depart in the morning hours from the port, usually spend a few hours on the beach, after the trip continues to other great beaches of Karpathos.

Karpathos Kato Lakkos beach by boat trip

These boat trips are usually known as ‘blue day’, when the most famous beaches (Apella beach, Kyra Panagia beach) and hidden gems as Kato Lakkos are also visited in Karpathos.

View to Kato Lakkos beach from excursion boat in Karpathos

The actual schedule of the beaches may change, sometimes it is possible that the excursion boat will arrive here in the afternoon.

Kato Lakkos beach boat trip, Blue day excursion from Pigadia

Hiking trail to Kato Lakkos

The other option to visit Kato Lakkos beach is a hike on a dirt road, which starts from Katodio (Κατώδιο). This is a small settlement can be find on the hills near Kyra Panagia village, so you have to leave the main road to the direction of Kyra Panagia. While you drive to Kyra Panagia, just find these coordinates: 35.578906, 27.179109, and leave the road. The road conditions are quite poor here, and get much worse after about 1 kilometer from the main road, so it’s strongly recommended to park your car, motorbicyle or quad in this area: 35.577509, 27.184681

Kato Lakkos beach hiking trail from Katodio
This is the area, where it’s recommended to find a wider section on the road, and park your car
View to Kato Lakkos beach from Katodio
View to Kato Lakkos beach from above

A few years ago quads or 4×4 (all-terrain) vehicles were able to reach the beach on this road, but in recent years road conditions are not suitable even for these vehicles. It’s very important that the full insurances of the local rent a car companies are not valid here, and don’t cover the damages which could happen here.

Hiking to Kato Lakkos beach

The hiking trip takes about 30-40 minutes to Kato Lakkos beach from this point, with a length of 1,5 kilometer. The hike to Kato Lakkos is a great fun and offer pleasant walk on the hills, but be aware, in hot days of the summer it can be very strenous.

Kato Lakkos beach hiking trail

On boat trips you can buy some drink or food on the boat, but if you visit Kato Lakkos beach on foot, you have to bring some drinking water with you, because there is no any water supply! On the road there can be find some natural shades, but not everywhere, so it’s worth to bring a hat also.

Route to Kato Lakkos beach

The hiking tour leads you through some hills, which are surrounded by pine forests and steep cliffs, making picturesque this area.

Kato Lakkos beach hiking trail

After you have arrived to Kato Lakkos beach, you just have to decide which part will you choose, because it is quite long.

Kato Lakkos beach: A hidden Gem of Karpathos

Kato Lakkos beach is one of the longest beaches in Karpathos island with its almost one kilometer length, but it has some smaller parts. When the sun shines, the colours of the sea are amazingly turquoise, some of the visitors mention it one of the most beautiful beaches in Karpathos.

Kato Lakkos beach Karpathos Greece

The parts are separeted from each other by large cliffs, so you have to climb, or walk in the sea.

Kato Lakkos beach, best of Karpathos

In the southern part of Kato Lakkos beach there are some pines and tamarisks offering some natural shade. The boat trips arrive here, so usually this is the most popular part of the beach. This part of Kato Lakkos is characterized by grey and white pebbles with some coarse sand, the sea deepens average.

Kato Lakkos beach by boat

In the north you can find steep cliffs in the background, with small caves in the walls. This is the most beautiful part of Kato Lakkos beach, a hidden gem in Karpathos, which is almost untouched. The seabed is varied here, it is covered by coarse sand, pebbles and stones, therefore swimming shoes can be useful.

Kato Lakkos beach

It’s important that in Kato Lakkos there are no beach bars or taverns nearby, just sometimes a few parasols and sunbeds for the guests of the boat excursions. Due to its natural charm Kato Lakkos beach is an almost untouched paradise of Karpathos island, especially the parts of the beach which are further away from the excursion boats.

Karpathos Kato Lakkos beach, a hidden gem

If you would like to see the most beautiful and secluded parts of Kato Lakkos beach, don’t forget to visit the north part of the beach. Just walk to the north, through the large pebbles and rocks, and you will find a less crowded area with amazing turquoise colors and smaller pebbles somewhere. If you want to stay completely secluded or nude, this is definitely your place!

Kato Lakkos beach one of hidden gems in Karpathos island

This part is one of the most beautiful places in Karpathos island, where you can see a sea cave, formed by large rocks.

Sea caves in Karpathos, Kato Lakkos beach

Why visit Kato Lakkos beach on a holiday in Karpathos?

This beach is one of the hidden gems and as many traveller’s say, also belongs to Karpathos best beaches. If you are looking for some adventure in Karpathos island and you like hiking very much, do not miss the hiking trail, which leads to Kato Lakkos beach.

Kato Lakkos beach. Karpathos Greece

Kato Lakkos beach additional info

  • Also known as: Kato Lako beach, Paralia Kato Lakkos
  • Coordinates: 35.578136, 27.186590
  • Location: 14 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: turquoise, blue
  • Sand type: coarse sand, pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: usually not crowded
  • Facilities: –
  • Other Information: not organized
  • Accessibility: by boat trip or dirt road (hiking recommended)
  • Wind conditions: can be windy
Paralia Kato Lako
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