Diakoftis beach in Karpathos island

Diakoftis beach

The beautiful Diakoftis beach is one of best beaches in Karpathos, a small turquoise coloured gem of the island. This amazing place looks quite different than most of the local beaches, because it a shallow lagoon, where it feels like you spend your holiday in the Caribbean.

By visiting in Karpathos Diakoftis beach travellers will meet an another fascinating face of the island, which demonstrates the local natural diversity well.

Diakoftis beach Karpathos

Where to find Diakoftis beach in Karpathos

It’s easy to understand why most of the travellers would like to visit Diakoftis beach (Paralia Diakoftis on some maps and Παραλία Διακοφτης in Greek language) in Karpathos, so let’s see where to find this place and how to get there. The beach is located about 22 kilometers away south from Pigadia, and just 5 kilometers away from the airport. The nearest village is Kipi Afiarti, the famous windsurf spot.

It’s a very important info, that Diakoftis beach can be reached only by cars, quads and motorcycles through on a dirt road, behind the airport.

There are no boat trips which sail here due its special location, because the coastline of the area is shallow and too rocky for excursion boats.

Diakoftis beach access by car

If you would like to visit Diakoftis beach, and you arrive from the direction of Pigadia or Amoopi, there is a junction just before Karpathos airport with the road signs of Arkasa and Lefkos, where you have to turn right.

Diakoftis access
Turn right before the airport of Karpathos, if you arrive from the east

About 400 meters away there is an another junction, where you can see now the signs of Diakoftis beach and Agrilaopotamos beach, so just follow these signs and turn left.

Diakoftis beach location and access in Karpathos

You will notice that you drive next to the outer fence of the airport, and when you reach its western end, there can be find the dirt road which leads to the beach. From this point don’t follow the asphalted road, drive straight to the dirt road, and follow its route.

Diakoftis beach dirt road next to airport of Karpathos

The dirt road is shaky and usually it is in poor condition, but if you drive slow and carefully, it is possible to drive on it with smaller cars. The road which leads to Diakoftis beach is about 3 kilometres long, and goes through on a plain and deserted area. On the road to Diakoftis there can be find some small picturesque beaches of Karpathos, such as Michaliou Kipos Beach (Παραλία Μιχαλιού), Psoraris beach, or the rocky airport beaches. If you want, just stop your car and go to swim!

Karpathos airport beaches near Diakoftis beach

While driving on the dirt road you will meet a few junctions, but there are often small road signs, which show the right way to Diakoftis beach.

Dirt road to Diakoftis beach

After the last bend you will see a small, but magical bay, which has turquoise colours – you have arrived, welcome to Diakoftis beach!

Diakoftis beach in Karpathos, Greece

The road ends in a small a small parking lot, which is often full, but you can leave your vehicle beside to the road. Near the parking lot there is a beach bar called ‘Diakoftis Paradise Beach’, which was built just a few years ago, before that the area was undeveloped.

Diakoftis beach parking lot

Travel Guide with photos

Diakoftis beach is a small, but beautiful bay with white sand, turquise coloured waters, with some rocks in a few places. The area of Diakoftis is filled with sand dunes and small coves, quite similar to the surroundings of tropical beaches.

View to Diakoftis beach in Karpathos island

The southern plains of Karpathos island are totally different than the north areas, where high mountains and pine forests can be find. The beaches of the south are much shallow, here can’t find mountains or lush vegetation.

Diakoftis beach, Karpathos lagoon

Diakoftis beach is a slightly organized area with sunbeds and parasols, but before you take your seat, it’s better you ask the price first, because renting a sunbed is one of the most expensive in Karpathos island.

Diakoftis beach
Sand of Diakoftis beach (Karpathos sandy beaches)

The seabed is quite shallow, and you can walk easy into the sea – Diakoftis beach offers for its visitors exceptional atmospheres of a beautiful lagoon. This lagoon like look make this tiny beach one of the best beaches in Karpathos island, and joins to the club of top beaches. It’s totally different than Apella beach, the iconic Kyra Panagia beach or Amoopi beaches, but not less beautiful!

White sand and shallow waters of Diakoftis beach

If you would like to snorkel, just take a look to both sides of the beach, which are suitable locations to observe marine life. While snorkeling here always be careful with the sharp rocks.

Where to snorkel in Diakoftis beach

You can also discover the small peninsula of Diakoftis, home of sand dunes, spikey bushes and junipers. The peninsula is quite small, with a length of 300 meters, and reminds of the famous island near south Crete, known as Chrissi island.

Diakoftis beach peninsula

The largest drawback of Diakoftis comes from its location. This magical place is situated the southern side of Karpathos, which is usually windy, and this beach is affected. There are also some windless days here, so if you are lucky, you will meet with Diakoftis beach on a calm day, but winds are significant here most of the time. Sea temperatures of Diakoftis beach feel like sometimes slightly colder due to the local sea currents.

Diakoftis beach sea temperatures and wind conditions

It’s an important fact, that Diakoftis beach has an another part, just behind the lagoon. This beach is faces to the east and it is less visited, but sometimes there are also a few parasols for rent.

Behind Diakoftis beach

Why visit Diakoftis beach in Karpathos?

In Karpathos Diakoftis beach is of the most attractive beaches, offering totally different atmospheres and views than the other famous beaches. It can be accessed only on dirt road, but it’s definitely worth this small adventure. If spend your holiday in Karpathos, Greece, don’t miss this hidden gem lagoon!

Diakoftis beach guide

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Diakoftis beach additional info

  • Also known as: Diakofti beach, Paralia Diakoftis, Παραλία Διακοφτης
  • Coordinates: 35.409948, 27.152049
  • Karpathos 857 00, Greece
  • Location: 14 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: turquoise, emerald
  • Sand type: sand, rocks
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: usually calm
  • Crowds: can be crowded
  • Facilities: parking lot, Diakoftis Paradise Beach bar, parasols and sunbeds for rent
  • Other Information: near to the airport of Karpathos
  • Accessibility: only dirt road
  • Wind conditions: usually windy
  • Other beaches nearby: The airport beaches, Minti beach, Michaliou Kipos beach, Mesa Elari beach, Exo Elaris beach, Agrilaopotamos beach, Afiartis beaches (Kipi Afiarti)
Visit Diakoftis beach in Karpathos island, Greece
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