Paralia Diafani beach Karpathos

Diafani beach

The long beach of Diafani village offer calm atmospheres and grey pebbles for visitors. In Karpathos Diafani beach (Paralia Diafani, or Παραλία Διαφανή in Greek) has very easy access, because it is located directly on the beachfront of the village, where the seaside promenade can be find.

Karpathos Diafani beach

Diafani beach is more than 200 meters long, which guarantee that this place is never overcrowded, but because of its location the buildings are near, and the shore is quite narrow with its 10 meters. The seabed is filled with grey flat pebbles and deepens average, but the waves are not so common.

Diafani beach

There are just a few parasols and sunbeds for rent, primary for who stay in the local apartments and studios, because most of the tourists just take a walk in the village and discover its sights, but don’t swim. But don’t let this put you off, on hot days Diafani beach is just as good for a little refreshment as other beaches of Karpathos island.

Diafani beach in Karpathos island

Diafani beach is cutted in a half by a pier, which is used by excursion boats. Most of these boats depart from Pigadia, and their passengers are on a sightseeing tour in Olymbos, the traditional village of Karpathos island. The main port is much larger and located further away, on the southern side of the village, and the ferries use that one.

Paralia Diafani beach

Bars and taverns are near, just a few steps from the beach, so if you are looking for a meal or something cold refreshment, you don’t have to walk hundreds of meters.

What do not miss near Diafani beach

While you on a sightseeing in Diafani, don’t forget to visit the sights nearby. The famous statues of Diafani, the fountain with dolphins and the statue of a Karpathian Woman are situated within two minute walk on the southern part of the promenade. These are amazing themes for holiday photos also, and the views to Diafani village are also nice from here.

Diafani sights with the beach in Karpathos

The church of Diafani (Zoodochos Pigi or ‘Ζωοδοχος Πηγη, Εκκλησια Διαφανιου) was built in the center of the village, and can be seen well from several streets of the village. Other interesting sights in Diafani are the ruins of the old windmills on the top of the hills, and the balconies of the village with beautiful miniature sculptures.

Diafani beach, Karpathos island Greece

Other beaches

Other beaches near Diafani are Vananda beach (Paralia Vananta, Παραλία Βαναντα), about 2,5 kilometers away in the north. Vananda beach can be reached by car on a dirt road or by hiking. The south beaches near Diafani are Kampi beach (Paralia Kampi, Παραλία Καμπί), a small unorganized bay with grey pebbles about 800 meters away in the south, and Apokapos / Papa Mina beach (Παραλία Απόκαπος (Παπά Μηνά), about 4 kilometers away. These beaches are connected with Diafani by a dirt road also, which is suitable more for a hike, than a car.

Where to stay in Diafani Karpathos

Diafani is a small seaside village of Karpathos, with some interesting sights in the area and definitely calm atmospheres. The distance from Karpathos Airport is about 64 kilometers from where the village can be accessed by rented car or taxi, and some ferries also arrive to its port.

Hotel Glaros **

Hotel Glaros Diafani

Standard & superior rooms
Up to 2-4 guests

Nikos Hotel **

Nikos Hotel Diafani

Budget rooms & studios
Up to 2-3 guests

Balaskas Hotel **

Diafani Balaskas Hotel

Economy & standard studios
Rooms for 2-3 guests

Villa Diafani Anna

Villa Diafani Anna

Apartment with sea view
Up to 4 guests

For other apartments, studios and villas all over Karpathos island just click here. (opens in new window)

Diafani beach additional info

  • Also known as: Paralia Diafani, Παραλία Διαφανή
  • Coordinates: 35.755975, 27.210067
  • Location: 49 kilometers away from Pigadia
  • Karpathos 857 00, Greece
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: coarse sand, pebbles
  • Depth: deepens moderate
  • Sea surface: moderate
  • Crowds: average
  • Facilities: beach bars, taverns behind the beach
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: by car, by local buses from Pigadia
  • Wind conditions: average
Karpathos Diafani beach
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