Amoopi beach Karpathos island Greece

Mega Amoopi beach

Amoopi village is famous for its great beaches in Karpathos island, which are extremely varied: the central beach of the area is known by many as Amoopi beach, but is has also some other names such as Mega Amoopi, Megali Ammos or Παραλία Αμμοοπή in Greek maps.

Amoopi beach Karpathos Greece

To visit this great place you have to travel to Amoopi village (Αμμοοπή), located about 7 kilometers from Pigadia. Amoopi belongs to the best seaside resorts in Karpathos island, because the beaches nearby offer incredible varied conditions for every traveller. Amoopi beach (Mega Amoopi) is one of the most popular beaches of the village, which is suitable even for families with children, and has easy access.

Amoopi village beaches (Ammopi beach)

The roads which lead to the center of Amoopi, are indicated with road signs between Pigadia and Karpathos Airport, so you have to follow these. To reach Amoopi beach drive into the central part of the village, where the two largest beaches of the area are situated, Votsalakia beach and this place.

Amoopi beach (Lakki beach) Karpathos island

This is also the central area, where most of the parking lots and the bus stop also can can be find: directly next to the church of Agia Apostoli (Αγ. Απόστολοι), one of the important churches of Amoopi village.

Amoopi beach Karpathos sandy beaches

Guide to Amoopi beach with photos

In Karpathos Mega Amoopi beach has several names, as you can see on some maps it is mentioned as Amoopi beach, Παραλία Αμμοοπή or Megali Ammos beach. The largest beach of Amoopi village is one the best places in Karpathos island for families with children, because the seabed is shallow and covered mostly by golden sand. In the sea there are some stones and pebbles, but these are fortunately not everywhere, and most of the seabed is sandy.

Amoopi beach, Megali Ammos

The area of Mega Amoopi beach is a well organized place with beach bars, showers, locker room, taverns and of course some parasols and sunbeds for rent. Behind the beach some tamarisk trees provide some shade, but these places are quite popular and fill up quickly in the morning hours.

Ammopi family friendly beaches

The seabed of Mega Amoopi beach is very shallow and the sea surface is usually calm, the wind conditions are varied. There are some periods when the winds are stronger, in this case it’s worth to look other beaches of Amoopi village.

Amoopi beach Karpathos

Near the Amoopi beach, within a minute walk there can be find the beach bars and restaurants of the area, like as Calypso Restaurant, Helios Taverna, Dimitrios Fisherman’s taverna and Votsalakia Grill.

The name of the beach ‘Mega Amoopi’ reflects well its size, because it is one of the largest among Amoopi beaches with its length of 130 meters, and just Votsalakia beach is similiar in the neighborhood.

Karpathos family friendly beach in Amoopi beach

These conditions make Mega Amoopi beach very suitable for families with small children, so it is known as one of the most family friendly beach in Karpathos island.

Amoopi beach, Karpathos family friendly for children

In the southern side of Mega Amoopi beach there is a small peninsula, where the small church of Agia Apostoli (Αγ. Απόστολοι) was built. This area offers great panoramic views to Mega Amoopi beach and to Votsalakia beach both. The church is surrounded by pine trees, which provide some natural shade here.

Karpathos Amoopi beach (Mega Ammos)

The nearest beaches to Mega Amoopi beach are Mikro Amoopi beach (Little Amoopi beach) in the north, and Votsalakia beach in the south, which is one of the best beaches in Karpathos island for snorkel. Little Amoopi beach is very similar to Mega Amoopi and even more child friendly, with less stones in the sea.

Ammopi beach (Lakki beach) in Karpathos island

Where to stay in Amoopi near the sandy beaches

In the central area of Amoopi village, near to the sandy and child friendly beaches there some hotels and apartments which are waiting for guests, take a look. It’s good to known that the area of Amoopi (Lakki) is quite large, and there are studios and apartments everywhere on the hills, situated further away from the beach. For all the accommodations in Amoopi village just click here, where you can find other apartments, villas and studios of the village, or look the nearest accommodations to the beaches below.

Althea Boutique Hotel

Althea Boutique Hotel in Amoopi Karpathos

Apartments and studios
Up to 2-4 guests

Argo Hotel ***

Argo Hotel Amoopi Lakki

Rooms and apartments
Up to 2-4 guests

Ardani Bay Studios

Ardani bay studios in Amoopi Lakki

Studios and aparments
Up to 2-4 guests

Vardes Hotel Studios

Amoopi Vardes Hotel Studios

Studios for 2-3 guests

B & N Melas Studios

B&N Melas Studios in Amoopi Lakki Karpathos

Studios for 2 guests

Anatoli Villas

Anatoli Villas Karpathos

Villas for 2 guests

Askelinos Villas

Askelinos villas in Amoopi

Two bedroom villas up for 4 guests

Amoopi Nymfes Royal

Amoopi Nymfes Royal in Karpathos

Apartments and rooms for 2 guests

Silene Villas

Amoopi Silene Villas

Villas with private pool, up to 4 guests

Tranquil Villa with sea view

Tranquil villa with sea view in Amoopi

Holiday home up to 4 guests

Amoopi beach in Karpathos

Mega Amoopi beach additional info

  • Also known as: Mega Ammos beach, Megali Ammos, Big Amoopi beach, Paralia Amoopi, Παραλία Αμμοοπή, Ammopi beach
  • Coordinates: 35.476248, 27.196469
  • Location: Amoopi (Lakki), about 7 kilometers from Pigadia
  • Sea water color: blue, green
  • Sand type: sand, coarse sand, pebbles
  • Depth: shallow
  • Sea surface: calm
  • Crowds: can be crowded
  • Facilities: taverns, beach bars, parasols and sunbeds for rent, shower, parking lot
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: by car or by local buses
  • Wind conditions: varied
Ammopi beach Karpathos
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