Mesochori village in Karpathos island Greece


Mesochori village is located on the western slopes of the high mountains in Karpathos, about 29 kilometers away from Pigadia.

Mesochori (also known as Mesohori or Μεσοχώρι in Greek language) is a traditional mountain village with whitewashed houses and many narrow alleys, which are surrounded by lush vegetation. In the area there a lot of gardens filled with flowers, agricultural plants, evergreen mediterranean trees even during the hot and dry summer months.

In Karpathos Mesochori village is a surprisingly quiet place even on this island, because it is situated far away from the most popular tourist resorts. Therefore the nightlife is not significant here at all, but some taverns and mini markets are open during summer and waiting for visitors.

It’s very important that most part of Mesochori village is free from the vehicles, the parking lots can be find only outside the village. There were built paved footpaths into the center, and you can walk into the center easily.


What to see in Mesochori

On the north side of the village there is one of the most famous sights of Mesochori, which is the largest church of Mesochori. The church is called as Panagia Vrysiani, or Παναγία Βρυσιανή in Greek, and has whitewashed walls, beautiful frescoes and a famous local legend. The legend tells about the well, which is situated next to the church, with an interesting belief. The spring water of the well comes from the mountains of Karpathos, and as the locals say, when an unmarried woman drinks from the spring, she will get married soon!

Panagia Vrysiani is one of the most religious places in Karpathos, and there is a large feast in every September with local families.

The other interesting attraction what is worth to see in Mesochori, is called Platia Skopi. This is a small square with the tiny chapels of Agia Triada (Αγία Τριάδα), and it is located in the north side of the village. The panoramic views from this square are also great to the sea and to the mountains of the north, especially before sunset.

Just a few kilometers away from Mesochori you can find one of the most charming seaside resorts of Karpathos, Lefkos (Kato Lefkos, Λευκός). This area is far famous for its emerald beaches, which are recommended also for families who travel to Karpathos with smaller children. In Lefkos there can be find of course some taverns, coffee bars and mini markets. Because Mesochori is a traditional mountain village without beaches, a visit in Lefkos is strongly recommended for beach enthusiasts. In Kato Lefkos there are some great accommodations also for guests, just click here to see the photos and reviews of the apartments and studios of the village. (opens in new window)

Why visit Mesochori in Karpathos?

This village is famous for its whitewashed houses, because most of the buildings are dressed in white. If you are looking for a calm place far away from the crowds, just take a visit to Mesochori.

Mesochori additional info

  • Location: 29 kilometers to Pigadia
  • Coordinates: 35.630989, 27.108988
  • Population: 225 (census 2011)
  • Can be accessed via asphalt road, parking lots are situated outside the village
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