Karpathos kitesurf

Kitesurf in Karpathos

Kitesurf is one of the most popular surf styles in Karpathos, because the island offers some great kitesurf spots.

Karpathos island is famous for its unique wind conditions, because from May to September in the area of Aegean Sea there is a special wind, known as Etesian (Meltemi), which is significant in several islands of Greece. Etesian winds are dry and strong, and come from the north area of Aegean Sea, move south in the central Aegean. When Etesian (Meltemi) reaches Rhodes, Karpathos and Crete islands in Greece, these islands are hit from northwestern.

Karpathos Kitesurf

Usually the strongest winds which hit Karpathos island, can be experienced in the mountains and in the southern plains, where almost always blows. Therefore the best wind conditions for surf can be find also in the south, especially near Karpathos airport.

The village, which is best known for windsurfing capabilities is known as Kipi Afiarti (Afiartis, Κήποι Αφιαρτη), where 3 large bays are the central area of local windsurf. Kitesurf requires a special and strong wind, which is able to blow into kite parachute and can give high speeds to surfers. The best options and winds for kitesurf in Karpathos island can be find at Agrilaopotamos beach (Παραλία Αγριλαοπόταμος) and the beaches nearby, where the winds support best the kite.

Karpathos kitesurf

Agrilaopotamos beach is the most known and simply the best kitesurf spot in Karpathos, where dozens of kitesurfers enjoy the wind, the speed and the high jumps.

Karpathos island kitesurf

Agrilaopotamos beach is located just 4 kilometers away in the west from the airport of Karpathos, while the windsurf spot of the island (Kipi Afiarti) is about 5 kilometers away. There is local kitesurf club behind the beach, where equipments also can be rented. Sometimes the actual wind conditions are perfect for windsurf in Agrilaopotamos too, not just for kitesurf!

Kitesurf and windsurf in Karpathos

Greece is well known among kitesurfers, because there are several great kitesurf spots. One of the best is kitesurf spots in Greece is located in Lefkada island in Agios Ioannis beach, while the other famous place for kite can be find in Rhodes island in Prasonisi beach.

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