Kyra Panagia church in Karpathos island Greece (Ekklisia Kyra Panagia)

Kyra Panagia Church

The church of Kyra Panagia (Παρεκκλήσι Κυράς Παναγίας) is a charming church built on a cliff, which offers amazing views to the beach of the surroundings. The views are so stunning, and several visitors say that this is one of the best sights in Karpathos island.

Karpathos Kyra Panagia church and bell

About Kyra Panagia’s church

The church of Kyra Panagia is one of the most photographed places all over Karpathos island, because it is located at a so unique and beautiful place. You can find it directly next Kyra Panagia beach, on its southern side. Just walk through the village towards the beach, and climb up some stairs to reach the charming garden of the church. This place is known as Ekklisia Kira Panagia, or Παρεκκλήσι Κυράς Παναγίας in Greek.

Kyra Panagia church garden

Why visit the church of Kyra Panagia in Karpathos?

Kyra Panagia’s church was built in traditional Greek style with red dome, whitewashed walls, and blue decorations. The building has a small garden with some tamarisks, whitewashed stone fences and a hanging bell, which make it very lovely. From the garden of the church the views to Kyra Panagia beach are extremely beautiful, it is one of the most known symbols of Karpathos island.

Kyra Panagia beach view with bell from the church

You can admire the exceptional blue colours of the Aegean Sea, the wild cliffs of the coastline, and the charming bay of Kyra Panagia. This sight is popular even in Greece, and travel magazines, guides and blogs use if often for illustration.

Church of Kyra Panagia in Karpathos island Greece

The church of Kyra Panagia is dedicated to Virgin Mary, and because of this the real name of the church is ‘Church of Virgin Mary’.

Ekklisia Kira Panagia in Karpathos island Greece

Hundreds of visitors fall in love with this magical place every year, and many of them say this is one if the most beautiful parts of Karpathos island!

View to Kyra Panagia beach from the church

Behind the church and its garden there is an apartment with some stairs, but this is a private area, and go upstairs to catch a photo is not allowed.

Kira Panagia apartment

Where to stay in Kyra Panagia

Kyra Panagia is a very tiny village in Karpathos island, but due for the picturesque views and unique atmospheres there can be find some nice accommodations, just take a look below.

Kyra Panagia Hotel *** (rooms for 2 guests)

Ypsilos Beach Suites (adults only, suits for 2 guests)

Agnantema Luxury Suites (suites for 2-4 guests)

Bella Vista Suites (apartment for 3 guests)

Villas near Kyra Panagia

Villa Stamatina (villa up to 4 guests)

Two Goats villas (sea view, private pool, for 2 guests)

Mountain & Sea Villa (sea view, 3-4 guests)

If you are looking for apartments, hotels and villas all over Karpathos island, just click here (opens in new window).

Karpathos Kyra Panagia beach views with a hanging bell

Kyra Panagia church additional info

  • 15 kilometers to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.587122, 27.178887
Ekklisia Kira Panagia
Kyra Panagia garden view
Kira Panagia church with garden sea view in Karpathos island
Karpathos Kyra Panagia
Kira Panagia sea view
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