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Karpathos Rent a Car

How about discovering this great island as it deserve? Rent a car in Karpathos! The island can be discovered by a car, by quad or by motorbicycle the best: there are a lot of beaches, sights and hidden gems which can be accessed only by renting a car or motorbicycle.

While visiting Karpathos rent a car is recommended strongly, because it is a safe and quick way to discover the local highlights. If you would like to pick up a rented car when you arrive to Karpathos airport, just click here for prices and for book in advance: Karpathos airport car rent (just type in the search box Karpathos Airport)

Karpathos rent a car

Where and how to Rent a car in Karpathos

The offices of the rent a car agencies in Karpathos island can be find at the airport and in Pigadia, Arkasa, Amoopi (Lakki), and Kato Lefkos villages. Clients of the rental agencies can choose from several brands and sizes, but it is recommended to choose a smaller car due to the narrow and winding roads and for easier parking.

It’s important to know that Karpathos rent a car prices are usually higher than other larger Greek islands nearby such as in Crete or Rhodes. This is the reason, why it’s worth to check the prices: just click here where you can find car rental offers in Pigadia and in Karpathos Airport, and you book your car in advance if you like, just type in the search box ‘Karpathos’.

Karpathos car rent

Due to the increased interests about Karpathos to book in advance is always a good idea to ensure a car, because in the summer months some car rental agencies are usually fully booked and can’t provide a car.

Car rental rules in Karpathos

The local car rental companies and the international brands which operate in Karpathos island have some rules, which must be followed. Let’s see, what are the primary conditions to rent a car in Karpathos.

  • The minimum age of driver must be 21 years old, and the driving licence must hold at least 1 years. There are a few agencies where the age of 23 must be reached and ask 2 years of valid driving licence.
  • Renter pays the fuel during the rental period, but the actual fuel policy depend from the company. There are rent a car companies in Karpathos island which give the car for clients with full fuel, and must be filled full before drop off, and there are also companies which give 1/4 or 1/4 fuel, and must be return as the same level of fuel. By renting a car the staff always say this important info during paperwork.
  • Tickets and subsequent administrative sanctions resulting from traffic violations during the rental period are at renter’s expenses. Vehicles shall not be used against Greek law. While the driver is under the influence of alcohol, driving of the car is forbidden.
Car hire

Useful to know before rent a car in Karpathos island

  • The small cars are ideal for parking and for narrow and winding roads of Karpathos island. It’s good to know that the island is filled with mountains, so if you would like to drive more powerful car, choose one or two category larger car.
  • The traffic is right handed, such as in Greece or in most countries of Europe. Travellers who travel to Karpathos from UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Australia, etc, must be pay special attention for this.
  • The asphalted roads are usually in good condition, but several roads are quite narrow and winding, especially after you have leaved the main roads.
Rent a car rules in Karpathos
  • Driving in Karpathos island is amazing experience for natural beauties which can be seen on the route. Due to mountanious areas if you are unsure of your driving skills, don’t drive here without a mountain driving experience. If you are a beginner, rather catch a boat in the ports of Karpathos and enjoy the boat excursions, or discover the island with the local bus transport.
Karpathos rent a car
  • Most of the dirt roads in Karpathos island are not suitable for rented cars, just for all terrain vehicles such as quads or off road (4×4) vehicles. The insurences for the cars don’t cover the damages which happen on dirt roads.
Karpathos island car rent
  • Never park and leave your car in narrow bends, which may obstruct the traffic of other vehicles.
  • There are no traffic lights in Karpathos, because the villages and towns are quite small. Always watch the road signs and drive carefully.
Driving rules in Karpathos island, road signs
  • GPS can be useful, but you will see, the structure of the main roads in Karpathos are quite simple. You can find blue road signs almost everywhere, which show the direction of famous beaches and villages of the island. It’s even good to get lost on the island, and get some extra adventure.
  • Before you drive and discover the best beaches of Karpathos island, the best sights or the hidden gems, always check your fuel! There are just a few fuel stations, and when you leave the area of Pigadia (and Arkasa) in the north, there can’t be find fuel stations!
Karpathos fuel stations

Always check the road signs before you park, because there are places where you can’t park your car. In Karpathos island and also in Greece there is a colour system which show the actual parking conditions.

  • White markings next to the roads indicate areas with free parking;
  • Yellow markings show the prohibited places, where the parking is not allowed;
  • Blue markings indicate payed zones (don’t worry, in Karpathos there are no payed parkings).
Karpathos island parking
Don’t park on the yellow markings

Places for a visit by Karpathos rent a car

Some beaches in Karpathos island, which you can reach by a rented car: Apella beach, Kyra Panagia beach, Achata beach, the beaches of Kato Lefkos, Diakoftis beach, Agios Theodoros beach, Michaliou Kipos beach, the beaches of Kipi Afiarti, Agios Nikolaos beach of Arkasa, Agios Nikolaos beach of Spoa, Amoopi (Lakki) beaches

Villages which you can visit in Karpathos by rent a car: Pigadia (Karpathos town), Olymbos (Olympos), Arkasa (Arcesine), Finiki, Kipi Afiarti (Afiartis), Amoopi (Lakki), Aperi, Volada, Othos, Pyles, Kato Lefkos, Menetes, Mesochori, Kyra Panagia, Spoa, Agios Nikolaos, Diafani, Avlona, Stes

Sights which can be accessed by a car hire: Menetes War Memorial (October 5 Monument), Agia Kyriaki, Panagia Larniotissa, Poseidon’s cave, Chapel of Agia Fotini, the museums of Karpathos, Acropolis of Ancient Arkasa, lookout points

Click here to check car rental offers in Karpathos Airport and Pigadia, calculate price and also you can book your car.

(type in the search box ‘Karpathos’, and you can choose Karpathos Airport or Pigadia (Karpathos town) as a pick up / drop off location for your car rent.

Karpathos rent a car, car rental and hire offers

Drive safe and have a great experiences while renting a car in Karpathos island, Greece!

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