Affoti beach Karpathos

Afoti beach (Affoti)

Afoti beach is located on the east coast of Karpathos island, and it is one of the beach sections in the long bay of Pigadia, and known also as Affoti beach on maps and Παραλία Άφφωτη in Greek language.

The bay of Pigadia is one of the longest beaches in Karpathos island with its length of 2.8 kilometers, so it was splitted into a few parts for better understanding. The nearest beach is called Pigadia beach (Paralia Pigadia, Παραλία Πηγάδια), which is the nearest part to the town center, situated next to the outer port.

The second beach is known as Limniatis beach (Paralia Limniatis, Παραλία Λυμνιάτης), which starts from the Limanaki tavern, and lasts to the chapel of Agia Fotini. The third beach section is called Afoti beach (Affoti beach, Παραλία Άφφωτη), which is long and wide area, from the ruins of the chapel until the half of the bay.

Affoti beach Karpathos, near Pigadia

The last section, which is the longest and lasts until the mountains, is known as Vrontis beach. There are some maps of Karpathos also, where Afoti beach and Vrontis beach are merged and signed as by one of these two names, because these parts look quite similar.

Afoti beach guide with photos (Affoti beach)

Afoti beach (Affoti beach, Παραλία Άφφωτη) is about 1 kilometers away from Pigadia, and it can be reached by foot or by car. For its access just find the chapel of Agia Fotini next to main road between Pigadia and Aperi, and you are there, because this section is situated in north direction from the ruins.

Paralia Affoti beach in Pigadia Karpathos

This beach section in the bay long of Pigadia is mostly unorganized, usually there are just a few parasols and sunbeds for the guests of the apartments and hotels nearby. The coast of Afoti beach is filled with coarse sand and pebbles, which can be hot in the afternoons.

Afoti beach (Affoti beach) in Karpathos island

One of the best features of Afoti beach (Affoti beach, Παραλία Άφφωτη) is that this section is never owercrowded, and there are much less people than in Pigadia beach or Limniatis beach, which are near the capital. The beach has no natural protection from the winds, so this area can be windy in Karpathos island.

Affoti beach Pigadia

For accommodation options of the area just click here, where you can find the hotels and apartments of Pigadia, and its area of course.

Afoti beach (Affoti) additional info

  • Also known as: Affoti beach, Παραλία Άφφωτη
  • Coordinates: 35.517512, 27.199423
  • Location: 1 kilometer from Pigadia
  • Karpathos 857 00, Greece
  • Sea water color: blue
  • Sand type: sand, coarse sand, pebbles, rocks
  • Depth: normal
  • Sea surface: moderate
  • Crowds: never overcrowded
  • Facilities: parasols and sunbeds for rent
  • Other Information: –
  • Accessibility: by car, on foot from Pigadia
  • Wind conditions: can be windy
Karpathos Affoti beach
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