Lefkos beaches

Beaches of Lefkos, Karpathos in Greece.

Paralia Potali beach Karpathos Greece

Potali beach

Potali beach of Karpathos (which can be find on maps as Paralia Potali or Παραλία Ποταλι in Greek) is a calm bay on the west coast of the island, located just about one kilometer from Kato Lefkos. To access Potali beach you have to turn off the road which leads to Kato Lefkos, or just […]

Potali beach

Lefkos beach in Karpathos island

Lefkos beach

Lefkos beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Karpathos, which is family friendly and especially recommended for children. The colours of Lefkos beach (you can find as Παραλία Λευκός on maps) are amazing when the sun shines, and it offers an atmospheres of a shallow lagoon for its visitors. Now let’s see, why

Lefkos beach

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