Pigadia beaches

Beaches of Pigadia (Karpathos town)

Affoti beach Karpathos

Afoti beach (Affoti)

Afoti beach is located on the east coast of Karpathos island, and it is one of the beach sections in the long bay of Pigadia, and known also as Affoti beach on maps and Παραλία Άφφωτη in Greek language. The bay of Pigadia is one of the longest beaches in Karpathos island with its length […]

Afoti beach (Affoti)

Pigadia beach Karpathos island

Pigadia beach

One of the most popular beaches of Karpathos: Pigadia beach is a well organized area next to the capital. This place is a really bustling place on the island during the summer months, surrounded by several famous hotels, restaurants and coffee bars. If you are looking for Pigadia beach on map, find as Paralia Pigadia

Pigadia beach

Vrontis beach Pigadia Karpathos

Vrontis beach

Vrontis beach is located near Pigadia, capital of Karpathos, and it is the one of the longest beaches on the island. This beach is usually known as Pigadia beach also, but it’s slightly away from Pigadia, about few hundred meters north. The long bay next to Pigadia is separated to smaller parts, and Vrontis beach

Vrontis beach

Limniatis beach Karpathos island, Pigadia

Limniatis beach

Limniatis beach, or Παραλία Λυμνιάτης in Greek is one of most popular and nearest beaches to Pigadia in Karpathos island. Limniatis beach is located directly next to Pigadia beach (Paralia Pigadia, Παραλία Πηγάδια), and lasts from Limanaki tavern until the ruins of Agia Fotini. This beach section looks like almost the same as Pigadia beach,

Limniatis beach

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