Pigadia (Karpathos town)

The capital of Karpathos is a modern greek city, with nice beach promenade and friendly locals.

Pigadia, Karpathos

Pigadia (known as Karpathos town) is the center of the island's life, with numerous opportunities. The city is located on the south eastern side of Karpathos, and it is the largest settlement in the island with population 2500. The capital stands on the location of Potideon, that was a legendary ancient city thousands of years ago. The city gets its name from the many springs that can be found in the area - Pigadia means 'springs' in Greek language. Most of the residents are dealing with agriculture and turism. Pigadia is a great base to exploring Karpathos, its location makes ideal to discovering the south and the north area equally.

Most of the visitors of Karpathos choose to stay in Pigadia, that offers the widest range of apartments, hotels, tavernas, restaurants, souvenir shops, car rental agencies in the island. Nearby the restaurants and cafe bars as well as the main Hospital of Karpathos, the Post Office, some banks, the police station, supermarkets, and places to shop for your everyday needs. Pigadia is the center of the local bus transport, and a taxi station is also here. The charming streets, the narrow alleys, the colorful balconies, the flowers in the windows makes Pigadia really friendly and attractive place. In the neighborhood of the yellow-painted town hall operates the Archeological Museum of Pigadia, and houses some of the most important artifacts from a variety of archaeological locations around Karpathos.

You can sit down and enjoy the fascinating view of Pigadia's port and the mountainsides around the city.

Pigadia Karpathos

Pigadia view from the steps of the city theater


Streets of Pigadia, Karpathos
Streets of Pigadia

Pigadia town hall
The town hall

Pigadia at night

Nightlife in Pigadia

Pigadia evening

Nightlife in Pigadia


Pigadia beach

The beach of Pigadia is a 4 kilometer long, organized sandy beach with music bars, tavernas, parasols and beds. At the beginning of the beach are several hotels and apartments, those areas are much crowded than a little further.

 At the entrance of the port you can find the Kostas Iliakis monument, the memorial of a tragically deceased aircraft captain.

Pigadia port

Exiting the town and following the central road to north, on the right behind some fences you can see the ancient ruins of Ag. Fotini of the late 5th century A.D. - some columns, marbles, rock carvings and other ruins.

We recommend strongly to visit Pigadia, feel the charm of the city, enjoy the greek tavernas with specialities of the island, discover the heartbeat of Karpathos! 

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Additional info

  • 13 km to the airport
  • coordinates: 35.506817, 27.212014
  • the capital of Karpathos
  • population: about 2500

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