The village is an agricultural settlement on the northeast side of Karpathos.

Spoa, Karpathos

The town is surrounded by lush scenery - grapes, olives, fig trees, pine trees are grown here. You can park outside the city, because in Spoa there are several narrow alleys and one-way streets. If you walk through the village, you can see some sacred chapels and churches, the religious life is significant here. The life goes slowly in this place, but you can find some taverns, if you are hungry or thirsty. Spoa is famous from its vineyards, the locals produce high quality demi-sec wines. The village is situated on a hillside, so the sunrises are truly amazing from here.

The road to Olympos begins just before Spoa, so many tourists see the village on the way to Olympos. If you come here, we recommend a visit to the port of Spoa, called Agios Nikolaos, a tiny fishing village only a few kilometers away.

Spoa KarpathosSpoa

Spoa village in Karpathos


Spoa village

Additional info

  • 25 km to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.637486, 27.142081
  • mountain village

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