Diafani is a charming coastal settlement located in the northeast side of Karpathos, with the second largest port of the island.

This is a relatively small village, but it is also a popular destination for boat cruises from Pigadia. Diafani is a beautifully situated settlement with picturesque natural scenery, on the hills there are many pretty colorful houses with unique decorations. The village is a lovely resort with a traditional character, which offers relaxing atmospheres to its visitors. The houses of Diafani are overlooking to the endless Aegean Sea, and most of them was amphiteatrically built on the surrounding hills. 

Diafani promenade

Diafani village, Karpathos

The beach of Diafani is located in the center of the village, offering grey pebbles, and of course some parasols and sunbeds for rent. On a hot day just step into the refreshing sea, and go to swim! There are some secluded bays in the area also. The most famous beach of the village is called Vananda, is situated on the north side of the village, about a half hour walk. This is a tiny, unharmed beach with only a few visitors and a small church. 

Diafani beach

Next to Diafani's main beach you can find some coffee bars and traditional taverns, or if you are not hungry of thirsty yet, just sit down on a bench in the tamarisk tree's shade. The picturesque promenade and the traditional village of Diafani attract thousands of visitors every year. In this village visitors can't find big hotels, a dozens of souvenir shops or significant nightlife, but the coffe bars and the small restaurants are cozy.

Diafani sights

In the area of Diafani you can see some stone walled terraces carved into the hillsides for the cultivation of vegetables, olive trees, lemons, apricotes, fig trees, and many more plants. On the hills there are some old windmills also, but most of them are in ruined condition. 


The nearest city to Diafani is Olymbos, one of the most famous and traditional towns in Karpathos island. In the ancient times Diafani was mentioned as the port of Olymbos, but the large port is still important today. There is an other interesting settlement in the region, which is called Avlona, the small agricultural village. 

Diafani has also the second largest port in Karpathos island, where ferries arrive. If you would like to visit Diafani by ferry, click here for more information about ferries of Karpathos.


Why visit Diafani

  • Charming promenade
  • Situated close to the traditional Olymbos
  • Relaxing atmospheres
  • Accessible by car or by boat


Where to stay in Diafani


Maistrali Studios (up to 2 - 5 persons, sea view, central location)

Nikos Hotel (up to 2 - 3 persons)

Villa Diafani Anna (up to 5 persons, luxury villa with sea view)

Villa Diafani Eirini (up to 5 persons, luxury villa with sea view)

Balaskas Hotel (up to 1-4 persons)

Dorana Apartments and Trekking Hotel (up to 1- 4 persons, guided excursions) 


All of the accomodations in Diafani


Diafani village Karpathos

Diafani promenade in Karpathos


Diafani beach

Diafani beach

Diafani additional info

  • location: 50 kilometers to Pigadia
  • coordinates: 35.755384, 27.210297
  • can be accessed via asphalt road or by boat
  • the second largest port in Karpathos island
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